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Eco Ness Blog

  • How to have a Halloween that doesn’t scare the earth: 5 tricks for a lower-waste night

    Halloween can be brilliantly fun for the whole family, but there’s one scary thing to remember: it can be terrifying for the environment if you don’t make conscious choices. 

    If you’re lost on where to start to make sure your wee one’s don’t miss out on the fun this year while you stay green, we’ve got you covered!

  • COP26 for climate change: what is it and why does it matter?

    We know that you’re a conscious consumer doing your bit to help combat the rising temperatures our earth is facing (that’s why you’re here!). We recognise that it’s vital that change happens fast, if we want this earth to be here for future generations to enjoy. It’s our duty to protect it. 

    But are the leaders doing enough to support us? Are they actively working towards lowering emissions and reducing the strain on our environment?

    Later this year we’ll find out, as the world leaders come together for a global conference: COP26.

  • Sustainable summer? Sorted! 10 simple swaps for a happy planet

    Summer brings with it an exciting lineup of barbecues, holidays and plenty of time off school, so you’d be forgiven if sustainability isn’t at the top of your to-do list. 

    With all that fun, it can be easy to opt for less planet-friendly items in favour of convenience, we get it. But it’s less about being perfectly zero-waste all summer long, and more about the simple, everyday swaps we can make to work towards a better, more sustainable future.

    To help get you through the summer, here are 10 simple switches you can make!

  • How to be a more planet-friendly pet parent!

    According to one study, “owning a medium-size dog can have a similar carbon footprint to a large SUV”. So is it possible to be more eco-conscious with your choices?

    The short answer: yes!

    In this post we share our simple switches that you can use every day to reduce your environmental paw print.

  • Why we DON'T aim to be 100% plastic-free

    To mark the beginning of Plastic-Free July, we want to share with you why we DON'T aim to be 100% plastic-free at home or in our business.

    That might seem like a strange thing to say from an eco-friendly business, especially during plastic-free July but bear with us!

  • Bioplastics: Planet-saviours or secret polluters?

    The bioplastic industry is steadily growing, with increasing demand from producers to meet the sustainability savviness of eco conscious consumers. From products to packaging, these plastics are becoming key players in the move toward planet-friendly policies amongst plenty of household names.

    Or so it seems...

  • Clean Home, Clean Earth: Our top 4 tips for eco-conscious spring cleaning

    Spring: brighter days, colder coffee, chirpier birds and, at Eco Ness, cleaner homes!

    Doing a ‘deep clean’ is often synonymous with finding the strongest (and often most toxic) products available. We want to change your perspective on what it is that makes a cleaning product powerful, and prove that eco-friendly products can work just as hard as their polluting counterparts!

  • Not So Sweet: Everything you need to know about ethical chocolate

    It might be a sugary treat, but the chocolate we buy for a moment of delicious indulgence is the product of an industry that’s far from sweet. One of the most significant and harmful issues in cocoa production is the presence of slavery - particularly of children.

    Here is your guide to ethical chocolate, why you should try it, and where you can buy it!

  • 7 Days To A Super Sustainable Kitchen, The Simple Way

    We’re sharing seven ways to elevate your kitchen to make it eco, with ease. Whether you try one each day during a week or even one a month until you’ve ticked them off, a more sustainable scullery is simple when you take it a switch at a time. Plus remember: Any low-waste change is better than none!
  • Composting Guide For Beginners

    A helpful guide to composting at home for beginners! Find out how to get started, learn about what can go into your compost, and discover the various options for composting at home.
  • 5 Easy Eco Swaps

    Some simple tips to reduce single-use plastic waste and make your life a little easier too!
  • Shampoo Bars: The Different Types & How They Work

    Shampoo bars are one of our most popular products at Eco Ness, and they are also the number one product we get the most questions about! When it c...