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Our Packaging

When you shop with us we guarantee that your order will be sent to you plastic-free!  No huge boxes with lots of empty space, plastic tape or bubble wrap!  We do try to keep our packaging to a minimum but want your items to arrive with you in one piece.  So, here's what we use:


Your order will come to you in either a new postal box that is made from FSC certified paperboard, or we will reuse a box that we have received from one of our suppliers.


Depending on what you have ordered, and how breakable it is, we will either use:

  • packaging peanuts made from plant starch that are soluble in water, home compostable, and plastic-free
  • tissue paper that is recyclable/biodegradable
  • brown paper that we have received from a supplier
  • shredded paper that we have received from a supplier


Our custom printed Eco Ness packing tape is made from kraft paper,  biodegradable ink, and is 100% recyclable and compostable, so it also doesn't need to be removed from the box before recycling.