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20 Ways to Have a More Eco-conscious Christmas

It’s nearly that time again, and what a wonderful time it is. We come together, we give gifts and thanks, and eat plenty of good food – and we’re not here to say no to any of it! But we can be more mindful with how we do it.

For most of the world, Christmas is a time of excess – and the impact on the environment is huge. Tons of food and plastic waste, higher CO2 emissions... it’s a lot to handle.

So, as the big day draws near, we want to make sure everyone has the tools to make it as sustainable as possible. Let’s have an eco-friendly Christmas together!


⭐ Deck the halls

1.    Door to a better future

It all starts with a wreath. This year, go biodegradable or try making your own – a wreath-making course is brilliant fun and a wonderful day out to share.

2.    Set the mood inside

Did you know our diffuser melts now come in Christmas scents? Well now you do, and hopefully you’re as excited as we are. There are five to choose from and each one is packed with natural and high-quality fragrances, including silky melted chocolate, frankincense, cinnamon, and glazed orange.

Or if you’re all for the candles, we highly recommend our Juniper, Pink Pepper & Bergamot soy candle for something with a seasonal zing.

3.    Stay grounded

Instead of a plastic tree, we’d recommend buying or renting one that is potted. Nothing beats a real tree, and a potted one beats climate change. Two birds, one branch.

4.    Turn down the lights

LED tree lights are the way to go. Not only are more energy efficient than halogen bulbs but they also contain no hazardous materials.

5.    Put the ‘eco’ in ‘decorations’

Investing in eco-friendly decorations is one of the best ways to reduce plastic waste and stay green. Spice up your space with some natural hangings, or try incorporating some real greenery, wrapped in macrame.

6.    Or make your own

Don’t underestimate yourself. Plus, it’s a wonderful activity for the family to get stuck into. Make some gorgeous macrame stars for your tree, or if you’ve got the ornament, we’ve got the twine.

We believe in you!

⭐ To: Mother Earth, From: All of us

7.    Take it easy

The high street can make shopping mindfully very tricky, and with so many non-sustainable companies waving ‘eco-friendly’ flags, online and off, it’s dizzying.

At Eco Ness, we’ve done all the research for you, so you can shop consciously and shop small, all in one place.

8.    Naughty or nice?

Organising a Secret Santa is a great way to shop less and therefore shop sustainably. It’s all about quality over quantity.

We’ve curated a selection of the perfect picks for your Secret Santa, suitable for budgets big and small, naughty and nice.

9.    Relax and recycle

If it’s ideas you need, then get cosy with something recycled... our blankets are all made from clothing rescued from landfill, they’re incredibly warm and durable, and machine washable (god-send).

10. Icing smiles

Christmas is a time for baking, so why not make a box of something tasty as a gift?

These vegan cookies look delicious AND beautiful.

11. Give the gift of fun

Double down on wasteful shopping and instead invest in an experience you can share. Whether it be a show or a walk somewhere wintery, there’s plenty going on this time of year – have a hunt!

⭐ Make it stick

12. Wrap it with love

A wrapped present is non-negotiable – it’s happening! – but we can stick it all together with greener fingers. The majority of wrapping paper is single use, and most on the market aren’t recyclable due to glitter and foil. Plus, what’s worse, is that if those papers find their way into the recycling bin they can spoil entire loads of recycling.

At Eco Ness, we have a fabulous range of eco gift wrapping for you to browse. And how cool are these rolls of festive tape and dandelion print paper tape

13. Scrap the single use entirely

Instead of using single use wrapping paper, you could opt for fabric instead. Cut up something at home or fill up a reusable gift bag. Perfect.

14. Riddle me this

We all have a stash of old Christmas cards hidden under the bed, or deep in the wardrobe – and not all of them will be recyclable, so why not pull out the ones you don’t want and cut them into unique tags for presents.

They’re the perfect touch for any gift and, for added fun, try including a riddle or hint to what’s inside...

⭐ Tuck your napkin and raise a glass

15. Luck favours the prepared

Be sure to plan ahead and make your shopping lists early. This will stop last minute stress in its tracks and eliminate any risk of overbuying. Be honest with what you need and what you don’t, and stick to the list!

16. ‘Tis the season

Buying seasonal produce will help to lessen demand and reduce carbon emissions as a result of transporting out-of-season food. Try to support a local farmers market or greengrocer if you can.

17. Ve-CAN!

Try adopting some vegan recipes for your seasonal dining this year. Animal agriculture produces 65% of all nitrous-oxide emissions, which is 296 times more harmful to the globe than carbon dioxide, and can stay in our atmosphere for up 150 years. Yikes!

18. Lick the spoon

Sweet tooth? Veganism isn’t all about the savoury – you can pack your snack table with vegan treats! Make your own or try ours … we’re currently obsessed with the oat milk gingerbread chocolate. They’re a seasonal special, so get them before they’re gone (or before we eat them all!).

19. Make it eco

Try cooking your Christmas dinner with reusable options. Save on rolls of tin foil and try cooking on silicone instead.

20. Sit back and relax

Once everything is over, and the dishes are done, take a well-deserved break and warm your hands on a mug of something special. And pop a couple of cubes of our oat milk chocolate to really level it up … we won’t tell.

So, there you have it! An Eco Christmas should be within reach for anyone and any budget, and we hope our tips have given you some ideas to shake up your festive plans and stir in some eco.

Got more tips to add to the list? We’d love to hear them! Tag us on Instagram, at @shop.econess – we can only save the planet if we work together.

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