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How to Be a More Sustainable Santa

For kids, Christmas is about one thing, and one thing only: presents!

And not only the haul from friends and family, but what’s left out in the morning beside a plate of crumbs and an empty glass.

Now, that’s where … shh … you come in.

We all know the toll Christmas takes on the environment, with the over production of plastic toys, harmful animal testing for cosmetic products, and the resource drain of fast fashion Christmas jumpers alone, it’s hard to know where to step when it comes to present buying – especially for our kids.

So, fill up their stockings with sustainable goodness, and let our friendly neighbourhood environmental activist, Santa Claus, be their new role model.

Below are our tips to help you … um, Santa, achieve a more sustainable Christmas.

🛒 Take the pressure off

Here at Eco Ness, we know how tough it can be to organise Christmas around little ones, and we want to take on some of the burden for you. Our curated range of gifts for children are perfect for eco stocking fillers and shopping small, leaving the hard work to Santa’s elves and allowing you some quality time.


🎁 Give back, pay it forward

Christmas has a way of brainwashing us into a consumption mindset, but we can shake off its hold on us by encouraging kids to donate some personal items to charity, and to those less fortunate, before receiving anything new.

It’s all about instilling mindfulness and gratitude. And making space for everything coming their way on Christmas morning!


🍫 Don’t underestimate the power of tasty treats 

Edible gifts are the perfect way to give something special that won’t stay on the earth long after it’s been given.

Our bamboo snack pots are perfect for filling up with nuts or sweet treats, and we have a range of mouth-wateringly good vegan chocolate that may not even make it into the stocking … classic oat milk chocolate bars for fussy fingers and toy chocolate animals for littler ones.

And when it’s all been eaten, in minutes, pop in a little bristly reminder.


🌳 Knock, knock on wood

Would Christmas be Christmas without toys? For kids, no. But when picking out the perfect trinket for the toy box, try opting for toys made from more sustainable materials.

The market is saturated in plastic toys, hundreds of which are banned every year for containing illegal levels of toxic chemicals. With this in mind, shopping consciously becomes a minefield.

We can do our best to avoid unnecessary waste and unnatural nasties by shopping biodegradable wood instead. From adorable whale whistles to classic doctor sets for aspiring medics, we have it all. Just name it.

Going to space? Sure. Gruffalo obsessed? We got you.


🎨 Get crafty

Most kids love getting messy with art, so let’s keep their creative spirits alive and thriving.

What does any young artist need? Pencils galore. And these ones are watercolour pencils, so once the drawing is done, brush on some water and watch the magic happen.

Then comes the paint, and these fabric art sets come with a selection of natural dyes sourced from spinach, beetroot, and turmeric – for vibrant, non-toxic colours.


🧼 No more tears at bath-time

Over Christmas, personal care product sales hit the roof. But a simple moisturiser container takes 1000 years to decompose, living up to its ‘anti-aging’ promise...

For the love of suds!

Luckily for you, here at Eco Ness, we have sourced skin and haircare products perfect for your children AND the environment. All natural shampoos for nasty knots and nourishing moisturiser bars for weather-worn hands and skin. Keep little ones clean and cared for without the guilt.

And the best thing about bath-time? Play!

Fill a stocking and a tub with toys and treats … from boats, submarines, and sea life toys for play, eco can be fun too!


🌬️ The gift of fresh air

Zip up those coats and get them out in nature.

Encourage them to gift the birds some seed, with these adorable bird pizza kits. Muddy them up and stick the seeds on for a tasty surprise. Good ol’ messy fun.

And for those more outdoorsy families, and slightly older children, we have fire-making kits to get your child connected to their primal roots, and safely satisfy their fascination with the forbidden flame.


🎄 D-eco-rate together

Add some extra Christmas flair to your home with a little something fun for crafty fingers.

These peg dolls are elf themed and could be the perfect early gift to get your littlun involved with decking the halls.

We also have eco-friendly tree ornaments they can make themselves, and if you have more than one stocking to fill you can choose between a penguin, Santa, an angel and a snowman... life’s greatest decisions.


♻️ Wrap it once, wrap it again

Did you know it’s been estimated by WRAP that in the UK alone we throw away enough Christmas wrapping paper to stretch to the moon. That is mind-boggling.

A great way to wrap sustainably is to reuse whatever you can. Also opting for brown paper or newspaper, for a rustic touch. Our range of eco gift wrap is handpicked for its environmental friendliness, so you can disguise your gifts without a heavy heart this year, and it won’t cost the moon.

If you’re interested in more ways to gift wrap sustainably, here's a link to our previous post, jam-packed with our favourite tips and tricks.


🌱 Germinate a new idea

Something as simple as a pack of seeds can be made endlessly exciting – a promise to plant something together and watch it grow in time for next year. This story book is actually made with carrot-seed-infused pages that can be planted once the story is read. Children can watch the little orange character grow into a tasty reality. Pick up a spade and get stuck in!


⭐️ Something for everyone

Instead of gifting physical items that may just end up in landfill, a wonderful way to bring a smile to a face is with the right experience. And the best thing about a day out is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. A gift that keeps on giving. December time, leading into the new year, is filled with fun things to do – especially for kids. Join a local community or have a browse online for things going on in your area and beyond. Gift an adventure this year. 


🐾 This one’s for the fur babies

We haven’t forgotten about them, don’t worry. We have plenty to fill a paw-shaped stocking this year, from tasty treats to eco-friendly toys that your four-legged friends won’t be able to resist.




So, there you have it! A few handy tips to apply for a better Christmas and future.

What does Santa have in his sleigh for your little ones? Share your ideas and tag us on Instagram, at @shop.econess – we’d love to hear from you.

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