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20 eco books for every member of your planet-conscious family!

Let’s face it, our lives have been turned on their heads more times than we’ve been able to count recently, and with each blow to the system it has become harder and harder to maintain any sense of normality... and far easier to slip into unhealthy habits (physically and planetarily!).

A study shows that although pandemic life has opened more eyes to eco-friendly lifestyles, the pressure of survival mode has left many unable to take the reins and make change in their own lives.

With so much shifting uncertainty out there, close the blinds for just a moment and look a little closer to home.

Books are the perfect way to take a quiet moment, hone in, and seek guidance in a world gone mad. And better yet, they’re ideal for educating little ones on how to care for our planet, and their future!

So, let’s get to it! We’ve put our bookseller hats on and have pulled together a shopping list for next time you’re browsing the kindle store or in your local bookshop.

Big change starts small, after all. 


Eco-friendly Book Recs

📚 Books for babies:

Here We Are, by Oliver Jeffers

Kicking us off is one of our favourite writers and illustrators for children. In this beautifully illustrated and heartfelt book, Jeffers introduces little eyes to the big world, from the up above to the down below, it is the perfect guide to living well on this planet we share.

Baby Loves Earth: An ABC of Our Planet, by Jennifer Eckford

Introduce your eco babies to the earth and all the ways we work together to keep it green and smiling. The series also includes Baby Loves Yoga and Baby Loves Vegan, so you really can build a lifestyle early.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley, by Sarah Roberts

Poor Stanley thinks he is a jellyfish, but can’t quite put a finger (or handle) on why he is so different from all the rest … This quaint little story holds a powerful message, teaching pre-schoolers the importance of recycling and protecting the natural world (and orphaned plastic bags).

Stella and the Seagull, by Georgina Stevens

After her seagull friend falls ill from eating ocean plastic, little Stella is determined to take action and make change. And together with the help of her community, she is able to clean the beaches and make a better home for her animal friends.



Eco Books For Kids

📚 Books for kids:

Stuff: Eco-Stories of Everyday Stuff, by Maddie Moate

From the CBBC presenter Maddie Moate comes a super guide to everything inanimate. For wandering minds and lovers of facts, this book is filled with stats, stories, and advice on living a conscious and informed life surrounded by STUFF.

100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet, by Jerome Martin, Alice James, Rose Hall, & Tom Mumbray

Packed to the brim of the compost heap with answers to every question you might have about being a planet-saving superhero. This book is filled with info about everything from the tiniest plastic-hungry bacteria, to building a giant sunshade to cool down the earth.

What A Waste: Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet, by Jess French

DK are masters when it comes to informing young minds, and this book is a well-illustrated guide to recycling and planet-saving. An educational and accessible instalment from conservationist and veterinarian, Jess French.

Climate Action, by Georgina Stevens

This brand-new powerhouse of a book is a tonic to climate change. Packed full of innovation and inspiration for the next generation, equipping them with the tips and tricks they need to smash any crisis to bits. Coupled with the vibrant illustrations of Katie Rewse, this is a book not easily missed.


📚 Fun things to do:

Be Green!, by Mandy Archer

So full and so green! This book has everything: colouring, sketching, DIY, eco life hacks, and environmental facts. Charge through each page or go at your own pace, picking activities at random. This is the perfect eco boredom buster.

Little Book for Big Changes, by Kirsten Liepmann & Karen Ng

This book has it all and is stacked to the hilt with over 100 activities – including puzzles, games, make and dos, and experiments. Not only is it fun, but it’s also informative – teaching children the importance of togetherness when being responsible global citizens.

The Extraordinary Book That Eats Itself, by Susan Hayes & Penny Arlon

We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true. Every activity in this genius book not only helps to protect our planet but also recycles the book at the same time! Learn to make eco-friendly gift bags, hotels for bugs, all natural glues, apple seed planters, and more.

The Big Green Activity Book, by John Bigwood, Charlotte Pepper, Georgie Fearns, Ed Myer, and Damara Strong

Think of it as the puzzle book for little climate change activists. This book presents its lessons cleverly disguised as games, helping children to learn and save the planet whilst they play and explore. And this is just one in a series of nature-ccentric fun – including the Big Human Body and Big Animal activity books.



Eco Books For Teenagers

📚 Books for teens: 

Challenge Everything, by Blue Sandford and Extinction Rebellion

With so many young adults concerned with how to protect the environment and challenge the climate crisis, they need steady guidance … And this little book packs a big punch, covering lifestyle hacks, boycotts, peaceful protests, and hard and fast answers. It will encourage the next generation to get out there and challenge everything.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, by Greta Thunberg

She is the voice of a generation, and in that voice comes every speech and rallying cry of the young activist in one place – this book is a call to action. A vital plea for our future. And since its original release in 2019, this volume has been expanded and included in Penguin’s Green Ideas series, featuring 19 other voices from across the years, making their voices heard and fighting for essential change.

We Have a Dream, by Dr Mya-Rose Craig

The impact of climate change on indigenous lives is exponential but often, tragically, unheard. This book breaks down that vacuum, allowing people of colour and native voices to be listened to and heeded. From the race and environmental activist Mya-Rose Craig, comes a powerful account and vital plea for change, from the young caretakers of this world.

The Summer We Turned Green, by William Sutcliffe

Shaking it up a bit, here’s some young adult fiction centred around saving the planet. Following 13-year-old Luke and his family, as a community of ‘climate rebels’ move in across the road and begin to take over their normal way of life … for the better! It’s funny, it’s vital, and it’s oh-so-green.



Eco Books For Adults

📚 Books for the adults of the house: 

The Earthshot Prize is a whopping £1 million grant, awarded by the Royal Foundation to five winners each year for their contributions to environmentalism. This book is its companion. With only a decade left to fix our planet, these pages serve as a strict guideline, presenting the five steps to a better future: protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste-free world, and fix our climate!

How Bad Are Bananas?, by Mike Berners-Lee

This is a new edition of an old classic, returning with updated stats on our carbon footprint, and all that makes it. Mike Berners-Lee separates the wheat from the chaff, redelivering a rejuvenated guide to climate action and findings from across the last twelve years and beyond. Bright, concise, and entertaining – add it to your shelf!

The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting, by Jen Gale

We all need a little helping hand, especially when it comes to being eco warriors and parents. Described as a ‘friendly green bible’, this guide delivers accessible and affordable ways to do your part for the planet and your children, without the guilt. It’s an absolute godsend!

Clean & Green - Eco-friendly Book
Clean & Green, by Nancy Birtwhistle

So, the family is sorted, but what about your home? This book is a must-have for any household shelf. Pocket-sized but rammed full of eco-friendly ways to keep your home and life clean and green! The lifestyle changes are simple and easy to implement, taking the stress out of the everyday, and off the planet too.


How are you incorporating eco-friendliness into your 2022? If you have any page-turners we should add to our list, share your recs and tag us on Instagram, at @shop.econess – bookworms unite!

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