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Shapes Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards
Shapes Flashcards

Shapes Flashcards

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These hands-on cards are ideal to help preschoolers and early years to learn their 2D and 3D shapes, boost confidence, and develop writing skills.

Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. That’s why these ‘Learn by Doing’ flashcards have been designed to ensure your little one can reach their full potential.

Each pack contains 24 double-sided Montessori style 2D and 3D shapes, all designed specifically to help your child learn and recognise the number of sides on each shape.

From circles and triangles to parallelograms and triangular prisms, these flashcards will help your child confidently recognise many different shapes!

  • Suggested age: 2 years+
  • Simple design for ease of legibility
  • Rounded edges
  • Wipe clean
  • Made from FSC certified paper
  • Printed with 100% plant-based ink
  • Card size: A6


  • Black and white high contrast for two-dimensional shapes and simple colours to separate and highlight three-dimensional shapes.
  • Child-friendly font for ease of legibility.
  • Comes with 8 fun ways to play with the numbers, helping to learn in a fun and engaging way.
  • Rounded edges make them safe and perfect for little hands.
  • Each card has a matte laminated finish so they can be wiped clean and used over and over.
  • Their modern style and lasting finish mean they can be used right through primary school.
  • Supplied in a sturdy recycled keepsake box.
  • Printed on FSC durable paper stock, and the ink is 100% eco-friendly and entirely plant-based, manufactured from renewable sources.
  • The box is 125mm x 165mm x 22mm
  • Each card is A6 105mm x 148mm
  • Approx. weight 193g
  • Caution: We recommend that children 3 years and under should be supervised when using our flashcards. Cards and packaging should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.

Why We Love Them

These flashcards are a simple yet effective way for children to learn and become more confident in identifying simple and complex shapes. We love the design of these cards, with features like the rounded edges to keep little hands safe and a wipe-clean surface, making them ideal for young children.

The Brand


My background was working in Advertising and Marketing in London, for the big corporations – which I loved, and learnt a lot! I’ve since relocated to a more rural life on the border of West Sussex and Surrey. I’ve always known that I wanted to start my own business when I had a family.

Some things really stick with you… and I remember once being described by my boss at the time as a “doer” and that I was one to approach to “get the job done”. I’ve never been one to sit still and I discover every day I’m not the only one; I see through my children that little ones are born eager to learn by doing which is what has led to Happy Little Doers being born.

My ‘light bulb’ moment happened when life as we knew it went back to basics; no soft play, no parks and no seeing friends and family to occupy our time. Billy and I would often sit together (whilst Lara was napping) and practice counting. I would write down the numbers and dots on a separate piece of paper for him to match up. However, he always wanted to count higher than 10, and play with more numbers. The scraps of paper I had written on soon became bent and torn.

We noticed there wasn’t anything similar on the market that went higher than 10 or 20, whilst also being really simple. That’s when we decided to launch ‘Learn by Doing… Numbers’.

We’ve designed these simplistic black and white flashcards so that numbers can be explored, played with, without distraction.

We love to make products to help with a busy family lifestyle, and our motto is ‘Keep It Simple’. We don’t like to overcomplicate ideas or designs, but we love our products to be exceptionally well designed, clean, and unfussy with a real purpose and with longevity in mind.

We’re always striving for the best future for our kids, which is why everything is considered. Even the server for our website is powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind sources. All of our products are created as eco-friendly as possible and responsible. All of our paper products are FSC. The inks are eco-friendly and entirely plant-based and from renewable sources.