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Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*
Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*
Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*
Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*
Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*

Reusable Bread Bag - Blueberry *Reduced to Clear*

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Reusable Cotton & Linen Bread Bag

Made from a durable cotton/linen blended fabric, these breathable drawstring closure Bread Bags will keep your loaf fresh, replacing the need for disposable plastic bags or clingfilm.

Expertly handcrafted by Lisa from eco-friendly Scottish brand Nádar, only natural dyes are used to beautifully colour the fabric. This means there are no synthetic chemicals in the entire dyeing process!

  • Naturally dyed using blueberries
  • Made from cotton/linen blended fabric
  • Breathable and durable
  • Reusable
  • Plastic-free product & packaging
  • Designed to last
  • Ethically made in the Scottish Highlands


Approx size 37cm (L) x 30cm (W)

Care Instructions

Handwash only with cool water and gentle detergent.

This will help to prolong the dye and avoid colour transfer.

Hang up to air dry and iron if desired.

Why We Love Them

These gorgeous bread bags are the perfect way to stop fresh loaves from going stale.

We love that Lisa from Nádar has chosen natural dyes for the fabric! The blueberries make the most beautiful hue of colour.

Did you know that Nádar translates to nature in Gaelic? The perfect name for this lovely local brand.

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The Brand


“Producing sustainable products to help kick plastic out of our planet!

Hello! I'm Lisa.. and I created Nadar. I love nature and have a true passion for protecting the planet. I’m a BA Hons Fashion Design graduate and love to sew!

One of my favourite past times was working as a bridal dress designer and dressmaker. There is so much appreciation and joy felt when you contribute to something so big on someone’s special day! Plus, if you love to sew...what's not to love about getting to design and construct bridal gowns.

Fast forward 7 years...1 beautiful baby boy (not so baby now) and here I am, using my skills to produce products with an important purpose, to ditch single-use plastics and teach the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle."

When I first started Nadar, I wanted to use Sustainable methods to create my products. Aside from using natural materials I decided to look into Natural dyes. With lots of experimenting and fun, I created some beautiful naturally dyed fabrics using only natural ingredients. I have many more to try, however at the moment I have used fresh Turmeric, Blueberries, Coffee Grounds and Cabbage!

All of my products have sustainability in mind. My ambition is to create a successful Sustainable business using my skills and knowledge as a designer. I am passionate about protecting the planet and I aim to make an impact, however small, through Nadar.”