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PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game
PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game
PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game
PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game
PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game

PlanToys Mini Balancing Cactus Game

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Try this popular PlanToys game in a mini version! The Balancing Cactus is a strategic game for 1-2 players. Build and balance the cactus in various formations without making it fall!

Develops logical thinking, co-ordination, concentration, and fine motor skills. Please note that this game does contain small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years.

  • Suitable from age 3
  • Contains 13 pieces
  • Made from reclaimed rubberwood
  • Plastic-free
  • Sustainable
  • Non-toxic dyes and glues

Why We Love Them

We are just head over heels in love all of the PlayToys range!

As well as being fun and educational, the company make all of their sustainable wooden toys from rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex. The glue and dyes used are non-toxic and water-based, and the toys are packaged up in recycled packaging that is 100% plastic-free and recyclable. PlanToys have been producing wooden toys for 40 years and apply advanced eco-processes in their manufacturing facility to reduce their environmental impact. They even use leftover sawdust to create a new material called PlanWood - nothing goes to waste!

The Brand


"We’re determined to play a part in maintaining a healthy environment for our children.
We have always been passionate about taking care of our planet, and although we’ve been producing wooden toys for nearly 40 years, we have never cut down a single tree! Instead, we utilize rubber trees that are no longer producing latex - making us the first company in the world to use reclaimed rubber wood to produce children’s toys. We apply advanced methods to our manufacturing process in order to make more eco-friendly and green products, and we consider our environmental impact throughout every step of the way. After toy production, we use leftover sawdust to create a new material called PlanWood™. Additionally, wood chips and rubber tree roots are used to produce electricity in our factory. These are only a few examples of how we do our best to turn our use of natural resources into something good!"

We strive to consider safety standards in every step of the production process to ensure that our toys are safe for children.
At PlanToys, we create toys with unique signature designs while always keeping the environment at top of mind. We also feel passionately about child safety and continue to exceed safety standard requirements. Because we know that children like to put toys in their mouths, we use pigments and materials that are safe for children to come in contact with. Examples of these include safe water-based colors and organic pigments in PlanWood™ products, and a nontoxic adhesive called E-Zero glue.

We see play as a vital and powerful tool for development and learning.
Because we recognize that parents want to see their children develop successfully, our manufacturing and toy design methods are derived from our passion for child development. We intentionally design our toys to help promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Children learn a tremendous amount through play, and our hope is that our educational toys serve as helpful tools in their growth.

We believe that in order to see a change in society, we must be willing to change ourselves first.
We live in a diverse society that is full of different kinds of people, personalities, strengths and interests. Because of this, we produce toys that encourage children to learn and develop in a variety of ways. In collaboration with Lowe Thailand and mothers of children with disabilities, we started the Mom-Made Toys Project to create a series of toys that uniquely aid in the development of children with disabilities. We are not only creating toys but also encouraging parents and children to enjoy hands-on experiences while playing. Hence the development of “PlanNeramit,” a creative playhouse where families can enjoy play-based learning together, and “The Forest of Play,” a playable exhibition that provides children with developmental support in a variety of ways while educating parents on the benefits of free play. The exhibition consists of various play stations that aid in physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Through our play spaces and toy production, we are able impact our community and society positively. By doing so, we indirectly inspire our children to grow up with good values and an appreciation for education and imaginative play. Moreover, we are so lucky to be working with such wonderful partners that feel passionate about the same concepts. In partnership and with customer support, we will continue bettering our company practices and production methods to emphasize our mission of raising Better Kids for a Better World."

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