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7 Days To A Super Sustainable Kitchen, The Simple Way

Did you know that the UK produces more food waste than any country in Europe? With approximately 14 million tonnes of food going to waste each year on our doorstep, making a difference might sound tricky. But if each household makes just one sustainable switch, the impact could be incredible.

That’s why we’re sharing seven ways to elevate your kitchen to make it eco, with ease. Whether you try one each day during a week or even one a month until you’ve ticked them off, a more sustainable scullery is simple when you take it a switch at a time. Plus remember: Any low-waste change is better than none!

They say if it isn't broken, don't fix it; we say if it isn’t planet-friendly, why not switch it?

Sustainable Kitchen

Switch 1: Cling Film

This sticky staple was invented less than a century ago, and since then we’ve produced enough of it to wrap around the whole world! Cling film is not often recyclable, so while it might save your sandwiches, it definitely isn’t saving the planet. When chucked in the rubbish bin, 79% of plastic wrap starts its journey to landfill or to the natural environment. 12% of this waste is incinerated, which contributes to air pollution by releasing toxic greenhouse gasses.

What eco swap could guarantee fresh food for longer? Reusable silicone! Seal your favourite veggie snacks airtight in food storage of various shapes and sizes with sustainably produced silicone stretch lids. These high-quality, easy to clean essentials by Essex-based Green Island make reducing plastic waste and food waste simple. Like us at eco ness, brand founder Sheenagh plants one tree for every product purchased. Think: double the eco, none of the plastic.

Switch 2: Plastic Straws

The UK consumes about 8.5 billion plastic straws each year which, like our food waste, is particularly high in comparison to our European neighbours. This July, the British government is banning the supply of single-use plastic straws by businesses across the country. Why not get ahead and prepare for this planet-friendly switch now? 

There are no hurdles to saving the turtles with the stylish and sustainable reusable metal straws by ethical advocates Zero Waste Club. Founders Pawan and Rishi are doing eco business differently, with their supply chain as transparent as the plastic they’re getting rid of. With a sleek storage case complete with its own keyring option, these multi-use smoothie staples make on-the-go sipping sustainable and stylish!

Switch 3: Paper Towels

Kitchen roll and cleaning wipes might get rid of countertop rubbish, but they add to the planet’s unwanted waste.

Forget these plastic-packed villains with the reusable kitchen towels by Vesta Living, handmade in the UK from highly absorbent cotton. Making a small swap with a big impact is easy with these machine washable kitchen essentials, designed to work with your favourite eco cleaning products in the same way as their single use counterpart. These highly versatile towels also function as alternatives to napkins, making them a multifunctional zero waste superhero!

Switch 4: Tea Bags

Known for our breakfast and earl grey, it’s not surprising that approximately 100 million cups of tea are consumed each day in the UK! With 96% of those cups made using tea bags, it’s worth noting that most use plastic to seal them. However, this plastic - known as polypropylene - is not recyclable or biodegradable. That means that even when it is added to food waste or compost, it contributes to plastic pollution. In fact, scientists have found that one plastic tea bag releases around 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles into the cup.

We prefer a biscuit with our cuppa!

With the reusable tea strainer by transparency pioneers Zero Waste Club, a plastic-free cup of tea is simple! This easy to clean, rust-free essential gently infuses the loose leaf tea of your choice with no metallic aftertaste and none of the traditional tea bag’s plastic waste. Sustainable swap bonus: loose leaf tea tends to be higher quality and more delicious too!

Switch 5: Zip Lock Bags

In the UK, a quarter of plastic purchased is recycled. That other 75% of rubbish might be transparent, but it is visibly impacting the oceans and our beautiful marine wildlife. Ocean animals are in danger of getting caught in plastic objects, ingesting the toxic material, and being exposed to plastic chemicals which can affect a species’ ability to function naturally.

Make the planet and your purse happy with the silicone ziplock bags by Green Island. From sweet fruit to wholesome veg, these reusable and recyclable staples are an airtight swap to replace single-use ziplock bags. Crafted from quality, durable silicone that boast measurement outlines and stand on their own, these sustainable storage favourites are going to revolutionise the way you keep food fresh.

Switch 6: Coffee Cup to Go

Here’s another stat for ya: In the UK we drink 2.5 billion cups of coffee on the go each year, but just 1 in every 400 cups is recycled. With almost 1.5 billion litres of water going into the production of these cups, switching to a sustainable alternative is going to make a world of difference to our planet, and no difference to your delicious cup of coffee!

Ditch the disposables with this beautiful glass coffee cup. The ergonomically designed essential is available in a selection of bold colours, making it as eco-conscious as it is eye-catching. Founded by food and drink industry experts, Neon Kactus, they make being planet-friendly simple.

Switch 7: Plastic Tableware

One for the kids! These bamboo suction toddler plates, designed and crafted by the innovative Eco Rascals, are an environmentally-friendly essential crafted from an organic material which boasts ethical and practical credentials. Bamboo is non-toxic, sustainable and biodegradable, while resistant to heat, stain, odour and water.

Complete with a food-grade silicone base, this everyday favourite works on an airtight mechanism to prevent those delicious snacks from flying elsewhere.

Really. What’s not to love?!

Which eco-friendly swap are you going to make first? We’d love to hear from you over on Instagram @shop.econess

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