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Metal Tea Strainer
Metal Tea Strainer

Metal Tea Strainer

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Stainless Steel Tea Strainer. The perfect reusable alternative to tea bags - just add your fave loose leaf tea. 

Did you know that many brands of tea bags contain plastic? Not only do they not biodegrade in compost or in soil, but they also release microplastics into your cup of tea!

So why not get some loose leaf tea and enjoy a plastic-free cuppa with this reusable tea strainer.

The fine mesh filters out even the smallest tea leaves, giving you a mess-free cup of tea every time!

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and won’t rust
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • No metallic aftertaste
  • Recyclable
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Comes in a recycled Kraft Paper Box

Why We Love Them

We were horrified to discover recently that our favourite tea bags contain plastic! Not good. We've since tried a few tea strainers that didn't work very well... a mouthful of tea leaves does not make for a pleasant cup of tea!

We love this tea strainer! It's so easy to use, the handles make it easy to lift in and out of your cup. It comes with a rest for the strainer so when you remove it from your cup, tea doesn't leak all over your countertop.

If you want to make the switch to loose leaf tea we highly recommend this strainer (and a good quality tea - the very cheap stuff is like powder!)

The Brand


"Feeling frustrated and let-down by the extent of the damage we have done to our environment, two friends - Rishi and Pawan - went in search of answers. While the markets are changing slowly, they noticed that many products that are eco-friendly are given a luxury label. They also found that many products sold under the “eco” label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability. Thus they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices.

And here we are!

We want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So we are going to make the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods company on earth. Opening up our supply chain fully for everyone to see. To show that there is a nicer way to do business. Hopefully, this will inspire other businesses to do the same.

Pawan Saunya & Rishi Gupta
Co-Founders of Zero Waste Club"

Customer Reviews

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Sorrel Packham
a good little design

I thought this was a good idea and so, bought it and I am now making the switch to loose leaf tea. Using the lid as something to keep the heat while it stews and something to put the strainer on when I’m done means damp patches so I still need an option for that that I’m happy with but I’m glad I bought it. I’m now investigating to world of loose leaf tea again, which is the other part of making this work :)