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Organic Soapnuts
Organic Soapnuts

Organic Soapnuts

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Soapnuts are the only organic detergent that grows on trees! It simply doesn't get greener than this!

Organic Soapnut Shells with biodegradable storage bag and small biodegradable muslin bag.  Great for washing clothes, hair, your body, dishes, or even use as a multi-purpose cleaner. 100% natural, non-polluting, sustainable, compostable, certified organic and vegan.

Soapnuts are highly valued by the rural people of India for washing clothes and as a naturally produced shampoo for washing their hair and for getting rid of dandruff.

They are highly effective yet gentle at the same time. Your laundry will be fresh and clean and compared to other powder detergents, its mildness will keep colours bright, maintaining the fabric structure of your clothes for longer periods.

Suitable for use on all types of fabrics, at all temperatures from 30C - 90C. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies to fragrances and detergents.

Inside the bag, there will be a mixture of whole and broken shells. This does not affect the efficacy of the soapnuts. There also may be a variation of colours due to the time the soapnuts were harvested, which also doesn't affect their efficacy.

Why We Love Them

A laundry detergent that is natural, organic, vegan, plastic-free and it actually grows on trees.. how fab is that?! These soapnuts are perfect for people who have skin conditions and can't tolerate fragrances and detergents in other laundry products.

They don't leave a scent on your clothes so if you prefer a slight fragrance on your clothes you can add some essential oils to the soapnuts before you put them in your washing machine.

How To Use

  • Put 5 - 7 soapnut shells/or equivalent half shells into the muslin wash bag, tie the bag securely. You can also use a bag clip to secure the washbag.
  • (Optional step) Place washbag into a jar with warm water for 3 minutes. This helps to release the soap.
  • Load laundry into machine, place soaked washbag into the drum of the washing machine with clothes. Wash clothes as directed by fabric care instructions.
  • Save used shells, as they can be reused up to FOUR more times.
  • Put 15-20 shells/50g of Soapnuts into 2 litres of water, and bring to the boil.
  • Switch off heat, cover and let the liquid cool down.
  • Once the liquid is cooled, strain the liquid into a jar or bottle and put the soapnuts back in the pan. Your Homemade Soapnut Laundry Liquid should be stored in the fridge.
  • These boiled soapnuts can be reboiled up to 3 times with 2 litres each time. This should give you between 7- 8 litres of homemade soapnut liquid.
HOW TO USE: Load laundry into the machine. Pour ONE cup / 250ml of home-made soapnut liquid into detergent drawer of washing machine and wash as directed. Use TWO cups for larger or dirtier wash loads.

NO BOIL RECIPE: Alternatively you can add 10 soapnuts to a Kilner/plastic jar and 1 litre of hot tap water. Shake and leave to soak and when water turns brown the soap has been extracted. Use the liquid as needed and when the jar is empty replenish with hot water. You can keep doing this until no soap is present in the soap nuts.

HANDWASH: Pour 1 cup / 250ml of home-made soapnut liquid into a basin. Wash and rinse as usual.