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Glass Cleaner - Sea Spray

Glass Cleaner - Sea Spray

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An eco-friendly, plant-based floor cleaner refill.  People, pet and planet-friendly.

Wave goodbye to smears, streaks and stains with this Sea Spray Glass Cleaner EcoDrop.

Dissolves grease and lifts off dirt, as well as those pesky handprints, leaving you with a long-lasting streak-free shine.  The perfect replacement for your existing, non-recyclable glass cleaning spray.

Simply drop into an empty bottle, fill with water, and shake to create a new, ready to use cleaning spray that is effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Plant-based ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Plastic-free
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • Palm oil-free
  • Sustainable
  • Lab-tested, efficacy proven
  • Home & Ocean Safe

Why We Love Them

Plastic-free cleaning with safe, plant-based ingredients... this makes us happy!

These dissolvable cleaning sachets are a fab way to use up old plastic-bottles you already have in your home, and also means you can avoid buying any more in the future! The products are also very effective at cleaning - you will have no need for strong-smelling cleaning products in single-use plastic bottles anymore!

How To Use


- Place one Ocean Drop into a clean 750ml spray bottle and fill to the top with warm water.
- Screw the spray-top firmly and shake!
- Leave to stand until the Drop is fully dissolved.
- Attach the label that comes with your Drop to your bottle so that you remember what the contents are!
- Do not use neat, and do not use more than one Drop per 750ml of water.

Spray on to glass from a distance of 20cm then wipe down with a clean dry cloth or towel.


What are Ocean Saver Drops?
These drops are the perfect solution to reusing your old plastic trigger bottles. Oceansaver is against single-use plastic, and that's they we have developed these revolutionary concentrated cleaning drops, that you simply pop into an empty plastic trigger bottle, add warm water and shake - so don't throw away your old cleaning bottles! Reuse them with Oceansaver drops! And if that wasn't enough, the ingredients are also plant-based so they are kind to you, your home and the planet.

What are the Ocean Saver Drops Sachets made from?
The dissolvable sachet is made from PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) which is a water-soluble and biodegradable polymer that completely degrades into CO2 and H2O. It does not generate Micro or Nano plastics in the environment. The pods/drops are totally biodegradable!

Are they cruelty-free?
We can confirm that the drops are not tested on animals at any stage in the supply chain. Ocean Saver is already in the process of obtaining a certification.

Are the drops vegan friendly?
We can confirm that there are no ingredients of animal origin used within the Oceansaver pods. The manufacturer is in the process of obtaining a vegan-friendly certification.

What type of bottle should I use?
You can use any bottle - plastic, glass or aluminium!  The drops are designed to have maximum cleaning efficiency when used in a 750ml bottle. You can use any 750ml bottle - ideally an old one that has been cleaned out and reused, which diverts a bottle away from the bin!

Does the bottle need to be completely empty before I use the drops?
Yes, the bottle and trigger need to be empty and thoroughly rinsed out before it can be used with our pods. This is to remove any residue and ensure the pod works to its maximum performance when diluted.

Does the cleaning solutions work in hard water areas?
Oceansaver pods are designed to work just as well in hard water as they do soft.

Can I use 2 drops in the same bottle to make a more concentrated cleaning product?
Using 2 drops will not increase the cleaning performance as they are at their optimum performance at 750ml. You should never dilute a drop in less than 500ml, or use more than one drop in any bottle.

Are the Ocean Saver drops safe to use around children and pets?
As with all cleaning products, you should always store your drops in a safe and secure place away from children and pets until ready to use. Each drop has its own individual box and should be placed in a safe location until you need to use it. Once diluted, the product is entirely safe to use around children and pets.

Are the drops made with toxic ingredients?
The Ocean Saver products are produced using EU approved chemicals. Their products have undergone a toxicological assessment of the final dilute mixture and it has been found to provide the high levels of safety expected by the end-user.

Can they be used with a septic tank?
Yes, they are septic tank friendly.

Will the drops release damaging chemicals into the oceans?
Certainly not! The chemicals used in the drops carry certain labelling requirements when used in their pure, undiluted form. In their 100% pure form they pose a risk to aquatic life, this is because the toxicological profile for the chemical is measured at 100% concentration, not taking into account the small quantity of this chemical in each pod. Once the pod has been diluted, the toxicological profile is measured at 0.13% concentration, and the chemical no longer poses a risk since it is present at such a low quantity. This is further diluted during use, and by final release to the environment it has been diluted to such a point that it has actually completely broken down and is no longer present in test water samples.

Do they contain parabens?
No, the drops don't contain any parabens.


>30% Non-ionic Surfactants, Phenoxyethanol, Perfumes, Linalool, Limonene, Eugenol.
The Brand

"Oceansaver was born from a deep love of the sea and a concern over single-use plastic. We all know the ocean in our own way, through memories, objects, experiences. The ocean is precious and we want it to stay that way for future generations. It's time to shake things up! Oceansaver revolutionary drops were developed to fight single-use plastic and preserve our oceans and sea life. We are committed to make home cleansing solutions with plant-based ingredients, totally biodegradable, lab tested and proven efficacy. Home clean & Ocean safe."