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Birth to Potty Nappy - Red Panda
Birth to Potty Nappy - Red Panda

Birth to Potty Nappy - Red Panda

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A reusable nappy that has been designed to fit from newborn to toddler! The endangered animals print collection features creatures that have become critically endangered in their natural habitats.

Pop-in is as simple to use with your newborn as it is with your toddler thanks to the clever one size fit from birth to potty. The unique all in two (AI2) design gives parents flexible absorbency and quicker drying times without compromising on quick one-step changes just like a disposable. The popper fastening and stretchy tabs allow a snug, soft fit around baby every time and make it a little harder for little hands to take off!

The nappy has been designed to provide the ultimate in reliability and protection thanks to the renowned double leg gusset and thirsty bamboo soakers and boosters which are up to 4 times more absorbent than cotton alone, soft and gentle against babies delicate skin!

Unlike other nappies, Pop-in has a clever absorbent core in the waterproof outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy reducing compression and leaking and allowing you a little longer between changes times when needed.

Did you know that replacing one disposable nappy with a reusable each day from when your child is born until potty training, you would save around 900 nappies from going to landfill? Disposable nappies take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill, so this would be a big win for the planet, and you could also save yourself some money too!

Key Features

  • Generous sizeless design grows with baby from birth to potty (one size fits most - see sizing info/sizing tab)
  • Soft elasticated waist and legs, long-lasting poppers and stretchy tabs for a great fit and easy, one-step changes just like a disposable
  • Excellent containment and leak protection at any stage, thanks to the clever double leg gusset
  • Superb absorbent, the super-soft bamboo terry is up to four times more absorbent than cotton to give you longer between change times (approximately 2-3 hours)
  • Flexible all-in-two (AI2) design with removable soaker and booster for variable absorbency and faster drying times
  • Elasticated pockets front and back to retain the soaker and help prevent leaking
  • Clever fleece core in the outer shell holds the wetness in the middle of the nappy, helping to prevent compression and leaking
  • Hidden hook and loop wash tabs so nothing but softness against baby

Why We Love Them

Our co-founder Jacqui has used these nappies for her twin boys! New to cloth nappies herself she found them so easy to use. They are an all-in-one complete nappy meaning they just go straight into the wash and they can be used from birth to potty training, making these nappies the perfect solution for people looking for a simple reusable nappy option.

It's a scary thought to realise that every single disposable nappy that has ever been sent to landfill since the 1970's, is still there. We just love that using even one reusable nappy a day can save 900 disposable nappies from landfill - it makes a difference!

These reusable nappies can also have a much longer life than just birth to potty training with your wee one. The nappies are very durable and can be passed along to someone else to be used and loved all over again when your child has outgrown them!


One size fits most babies and toddlers. The weight range covered is 7lbs/3.18 kg - 35lbs/16kg approx.

Soaker: Bamboo (viscose) blend
Outer shell: 100% polyester with TPU membrane

Important Info
- Pop-in new gen V2 soaker and booster are not compatible with previous versions
- Please be aware there are many factors can affect the colours of the inserts once in use, including varying care, detergents and of course the nappy contents itself! We therefore cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity over the lifecycle of the nappy
- Washing, do not use biological detergent, bleaching agents or fabric softeners as these may adversely affect absorbency and material appearance.
- Drying, do not dry on direct heat source, do not routinely tumble inners (they may be finished off in the drier occasionally) and never tumble outers as this may affect materials’ integrity and waterproofing
- Easy care, no soaking, simply dry store and wash on a normal 30-60 degree cycle. We always recommend pre-washing your nappies before use, always wash dark colours separately

How many nappies will I need?
For part-time use we recommend 10-15 nappies and for full-time use 20-25, buying the Close Parent nappy packs is the most economical way to get your cloth journey started, but even using one nappy a day can help divert up to 900 from landfill from birth to potty!

The Brand


"Close Parent are proud to support the WWF through their 1% For The Planet Membership, giving back 1% of the proceeds of sales from their endangered print collection. Learn more at onepercentfortheplanet.org

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