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Bicarbonate of Soda 1kg

Bicarbonate of Soda 1kg

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Bicarbonate of Soda is a super versatile, eco-friendly and affordable multipurpose cleaning product for your home.

There are so many uses for sodium bicarbonate! It's extremely versatile and can be used as a mild abrasive, scouring agent, limescale remover and deodoriser to dissolve dirt, tackle odours and cut through grime.

  • 1kg compostable pouch
  • Powerful on dirt, grime and stains
  • Deodorising
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Palm oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Zero sulphates, phosphates, chlorine, or petrochemical ingredients
  • Safe for septic tanks and cesspits
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Made in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

How To Use

  • Freshen up your fridge - keep a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in your fridge to help neutralise smells.
  • Clean & refresh carpets - sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on your carpet, wait at least 20 minutes (preferably overnight), then vacuum as normal.
  • Remove limescale - mix bicarbonate of soda with a little water to create a thick paste, apply to problem areas and scrub.
  • Refresh smelly footwear - sprinkle bicarbonate of soda into shoes and trainers and leave it. Just remember to empty it out when you next need to use them!
  • Clean chopping boards - sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto the surface of the chopping board, then rub it in using half a lemon and rinse off with water.
  • Bathroom cream cleanser - mix with a little liquid dish soap to create a mild abrasive paste that is ideal for removing soap marks off the bath. 

Why We Love Them

Sodium bicarbonate, or NaHCO₃, is a leavening agent that is normally used to help baked goods rise but did you know that it's also super useful to have in your cleaning cupboard!

Our fave ways to use it is as a carpet freshener (perfect if you have pets) or mixed with a little dish soap to create a scrubby cream cleanser (ideal for cleaning the bath).


Sodium Bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda)

Warning: This has no toxicity to the body or the environment but can be toxic if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

Compatibility: Do not clean aluminium with sodium bicarbonate (it is suitable for all other metal surfaces and alloys).

Not suitable for use on silk and wool.


The paper pouch is made from kraft paper with a corn starch fully biodegradable liner. When placed into a composting environment the pouch will break down to compost within 3 months. 100% biodegradable label.

The Brand


“Taylor Made Refills started out life in the family home, like many other small businesses. Inspired by our children, TMR was born out of a desire to make and use our own natural household cleaning products, free from nasty chemicals, knowing exactly what was being used around our children.
Having worked previously for a charity whose mission was to remove plastic from the oceans, our goal was to make our products refillable, avoiding single use plastics and free from unnecessary packaging using compostable packaging wherever possible.
Now, Taylor Made Refills manufactures and supplies our stockists, refilleries and local customer base out of our workshop in Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
We are determined to refill, reuse, repurpose and reduce wherever possible and are delighted to see so many customers come back time and time again to refill.
Natural and Environmentally Friendly Ingredients.
No Single Use Plastics.
Compostable, Recycled or Recyclable Packaging.
Fully Circular Supply System.”