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Abyssinian Oil Active Hydration Mist 100ml

Abyssinian Oil Active Hydration Mist 100ml

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Glow on the go! This fast-absorbing hydrating mist gives skin an intense moisture boost throughout the day and leaves it looking bright and radiant in just one spritz.

The natural fragrance is inspired by the smell of walking through a wildflower meadow. Brought to life with Abyssinian Oil, Rose, and Magnolia.

Key Ingredients

> ABYSSINIAN OIL - provides instant relief to make skin feel plump, hydrated and balanced for a smooth, healthy complexion.
> VEGETABLE GLYCERIN - a humectant that helps to retain moisture in our skin. Glycerin can mimic the skin's natural moisturising factor and will help to replenish it. 
> SODIUM HYALURONATE - a humectant that strengthens the skin barrier, contributes to a healthy microbiome, revitalises skin's outer layers, smoothing and hydrating to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • 100ml glass bottle
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Return.Refill.Repeat

How To Use

Shake well and spray six inches away from your face. Allow the mist to soak in or gently pat it into your skin.

Apply on cleansed skin, before moisturisers or make-up for hydrated, plump skin.

Can also be applied throughout the day as needed, to refresh your skin and make-up, for a dewy glow.

Why We Love Them

Hydration anywhere, anytime - even on top of make-up. Get moisture to your skin quickly when it needs it most, preventing any dryness that could creep up during the day.

The product comes out in a fine mist so you don't get a full soaking face when you spray! We love that the mist contains a high level of glycerin - an often unsung hero ingredient for all skin types, that smooths, protects, and hydrates. It's the perfect way to give your skin a moisture boost without adding heaviness or greasiness, and it does not clog pores.


aqua (Water), vegetable glycerin, heptyl glucoside, sodium levulinate, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, crambe abyssinica (Abyssinian Oil), cymbopogon martini (*Palmarosa), pelargonium graveolens (*Rose Geranium), rosa centifolia (*Rose Absolute), michelia alba (*Magnolia), juniperus virginiana (*Cedarwood), citrus aurantium amara (*Petitgrain), glyceryl caprylate, sodium anisate, lactic acid, phytic acid **limonene,** linalool, **geraniol, **citral, **citronellol, **eugenol, **farnesol

*Natural Pure Essential Oils
**potential allergens found in essential oils
All other ingredients are vegetable, fruit, mineral or coconut-derived

Sustainable Packaging

Every element of this packaging has been designed with reusability in mind. Either reuse the packaging yourself or send it back to Beauty Kitchen for free and they’ll wash and reuse it in the next batch via Return · Refill · Repeat


Did you know that over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use or that just 14% of plastic makes it to a recycling centre and only 9% is actually recycled?

Beauty Kitchen are trying to change that with the world's first closed-loop solution for beauty packaging!

What is Return.Refill.Repeat?
A closed-loop solution for reusing beauty packaging!  Almost all of the Beauty Kitchen products (the ones with the ‘Return · Refill · Repeat’ stamp) can be sent back to them to wash and reuse in the next batch.

This means, instead of going to landfill, not being recycled or using up energy to recycle, they can kickstart the packaging lifecycle all over again in the most sustainable way possible.

Why is Return.Refill.Repeat better than recycling?
It reduces the risk of contaminated recycling, which leads to more packaging in landfill. It also requires less energy than recycling to kick start the sustainable life cycle again.

How do I return the packaging?
> HOLLAND & BARRETT STORES - You can return your empties via over 1,000 Holland & Barrett stores.

> BY POST - Anyone in the UK can also send it back to Beauty Kitchen for free, via our Collect+ service.

Download and print a FREE SHIPPING LABEL in just a few seconds and drop your packaging off at your nearest Collect+ location. You can re-use the box you received your products in, or any spare one you have lying around.

What happens with the empties?
When the empties are received by Beauty Kitchen they remove inserts and labels, then wash the packaging and send to their fulfillment team to reuse for the next batch of products.

The Brand


"Join The Reuse Revolution!
We’re on a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world. Small changes, make a big impact - and that includes your beauty routine. Every product in our award-winning range has been designed with sustainability at its heart.

“To become a Beauty Kitchen product, it has to do three things: first, it has to really work - because at the end of the day, that’s what we all want. Second, it has to get those great results with only 100% natural ingredients. And third - it has be sustainable, both inside and out. Every product in our range ticks all three of these boxes and that’s our promise” Jo, Our Founder

Within the UK over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown away after just one use and of that only 9% is actually recycled. We are determined to change that - we have pioneered the groundbreaking RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT scheme, where we wash and reuse our packaging - it's better than recycling! Join the Reuse Revolution today and switch to Beauty Kitchen.

B Corp
We are proud to be the first high street beauty brand to become a B Corp in 2017. Being a B Corp is so important to us and we firmly believe in using business as a force for good - that's why we donate 2% of sales (not profits!) to charities close to our heart

Plastic Soup Foundation
We partner with the Plastic Soup Foundation to fight for clean oceans. The Plastic Soup Foundation lead the way on banning micro plastics from cosmetics. We are proud that all of our products contain absolutely no micro plastics and we donate 1% of all sales to this charity

Leaping Bunny
The international gold standard against animal testing - we are fully Leaping Bunny Certified and proud to be a cruelty free brand. We never test on animals and neither do our suppliers - it's that simple"